Central Lions Seniors Association 50th Anniversary Celebration

  • 10 Jun 2016
  • 12 Jun 2016
  • Outdoor ice rink on north side of Central Lions 11113 113 St


  • Those who pour beverages into glasses from kegs and bottles/cans. It's helpful if you've dispensed draught before, but not necessary. Must be 18yrs+
  • Takes care of tables, takes care of garbage/recycling, mops up spills on tables, etc. Must be 18yrs+
  • Assist setting up site, signs, and tables on evening of Fri. June 10.
  • Assist in taking down tables, signs, etc. This will take place Saturday after 5pm, or Sunday.
  • Those helpful people that do whatever needs doing during the event. Supports other positions. Must be 18yrs+
  • Checks identification of entrants (must be 18+), watches for signs of over-intoxication, assists with any issues. proTECT training is helpful, but not necessary. Must be 18yrs+

Hello, If you're interested in working the beer garden, but willing to help set up or take down, please let me know.
Registration is closed

Help Central Lions Seniors Association Celebrate their 50th year of great work in Edmonton! Please considering attending the Open House & Family Fun Day, and the Gala Fundraiser.

The Prince Rupert Community League and Queen Mary Park Community League is looking for volunteers to help with the Beer Garden. Proceeds from the Beer Garden will be split between both leagues.

Site set-up and volunteer orientation will be done the evening of Fri. June 10. Site take-down will be June 12. Volunteer shift schedules will be shared by June 5. 

If you'd like to help out in other ways, CLSA has plenty of event-related volunteer opportunities starting from June 6 onwards. 

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